About Us

Chris and Terri Payment are longtime residents of West Michigan, married in 1987, parents of two adult men while facilitating outside sales operations since 1995...

The rest of the story...

The first door-to-door introduction into Chris's career came January 1, 1995 when Chris began working for a direct-to-market consumer satellite television retailer. The product was C-Band large satellite dishes. As the market progressed and changed, Chris was approached by PrimeStar, a midsize satellite dish provider at the time. The industry was seeing change, and the products were going from a high-end installation with large upfront cost to leasing equipment and expanding the consumer base. In the first year of business, Chris and Terri's company produced top ten sales in the country and was awarded an all-expense paid trip to Tahiti for 14 days.

Subsequently, PrimeStar was purchased by DirecTV. Chris and Terri's company consistently remained a top 10 retailer through door-to-door channels. We received several award trips from DirecTV, including an all-inclusive trip to Cannes, France.

In 2008, Chris returned to direct marketing due to a downturn in the housing industry. The new telecom trending product was AT&T U-Verse. Within several months, Chris ran a vendor in Eastern Michigan which led AT&T in net subscriber growth in the Northeast Region. As this contact with AT&T was not Chris or Terri's directly, they got on the search for their own entrepreneurial opportunities.

Chris found deregulated gas. The industry fit and he had made some good contacts. In 2011, Chris and Terri established Choice Marketing Partners. Since the company's inception, they have developed direct contracts with many suppliers and established relationships with other direct marketing organizations and brokerages. Choice Marketing Partners prides itself on quality of sales over quantity. Meaning, the company has focused on organic growth versus brokered sales.

This results in the following consequences:

  • First and foremost, CMP is given much better control over the sales process. Inherently, we are gifted more referrals from a happier customer base and longer term customers.

  • The downside to ogranic growth is that growth can be slow with the wrong people. However, CMP is commmitted to its customers and partners. In turn, investing in this growth has meant higher returns and longer, better relationships with customers.

Chris and Terri work in balance. Terri provides operational support for the organization and oversees organizational business decisions while Chris concentrates on people development, sales, marketing and day-to-day growth while providing partners a safe and motivating environment to work in and building long, quality relationships with customers who appreciate great service.